Rope Ratchets

Metal Gear Rope Ratchet Set

1/8th Metal Gear Ratchets

Metal Gear Rope Ratchets For Lighting Systems

1/8th Metal Gear Rope Ratchet Sets

Rope Ratchets

Rope Ratchets Metal Gear

Rope Ratchets 1/8th

Rope Ratchet Set

Ratchets For Indoor Horticulture

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Heavy Duty Adjustable Rope Ratchet Grow Light Hanger Main usage

· Reflectors

· Light Fixtures

· Carbon Filters

· Ventilation Equipment

· Maximum weight capacity is 150 lbs with each pair.

· Excellent for use with large reflectors like the Magnum XXXL air cooled reflector



Detailed Specifications :

1) Max Weight Capacity: 150lbs/pair (68kgs/pair)

2) Lock tightly, never break or slip.

3) Automatically locks in place

4) Heat and Cold resistant .

5) Special metal finishing on carabiner clips, never get rust

6) Tighten as required –no knots to tie ,just hook ends and pull tight

7) Easy using and wide usage. Specially great for hanging

heavy reflector, filter, fans and other growing equipments